Book Club (online)

Group Leader:     Margo Ross  Contact the office 01292 260086
Location:         From the comfort of your own home via Zoom 
Day and Time:     Once a month on Wednesdays at 7.00 pm

After reading a book, which you have enjoyed (or otherwise), it’s nice to be able to discuss it with someone else.   
I’m sure you have all at some time recommended a good read to a friend or neighbour, then when they have read it talked about what you liked, loved or hated about it.
A book club is just that but you get the opportunity to discuss it with a group of people.

Whether you enjoy thrillers, mystery, family sagas or biographies, a book club gives you the opportunity to read something which you may not have chosen for yourself, so it can be a challenge. 

This is an INFORMAL book club, meeting in the evening when we can put our feet up and enjoy a glass of wine or just a cup of tea while chatting about the book we have all just read. 

The zoom club is working out really well, however for everyone to have a chance to chat, the numbers in the club sit at 12… no reason though  not to start another, if anyone would like to organise.

Contact the office 01292 260086 to join the group or for more information.

Our 3rd Book ….a change in direction from fiction to fact.  Alan Johnson is a British politician and from the cover and description it sounds like an interesting read. Our group really enjoyed our last book, The Dry and rated it 8.5 out of 10 …a winner I would say.

Busy reading our second book …a ‘whodunit’ mystery set in the Australian outback.  Can’t wait to hear the group ‘s views on this one. Our last book Thirteen got a rating of 5/10 ….so a mixed verdict !  

This is our first book selection and what a thriller it is.   Its keeping me on the edge of my seat !
Looking forward to hearing all the comments when we meet up to discuss it!

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