Fancy a Walk?

Group Leader:         Betty McDonald        Tel: 01292 479083
Location:             The WhatsApp on your smart phone

Have you ever opened your curtains on a beautiful day or noticed the rain has dried up to provide a lovely sunset? You thought you’d fancy a wee walk but you’re on your own? Then “Fancy a walk?” may be the group for you.

This group is aimed at those of you who live alone, although couples can join. It’s quite different from anything else in the OiR in that it is a WhatsApp group, where members use this app on their phone, to arrange an impromptu walk with another person.
(Don’t worry if you’ve never used WhatsApp before. It’s quite straightforward and we have instructions for “newbies”).

Basically when you fancy a walk you send out a message to the group suggesting a place and time, and the first person who answers will be your walking companion on that occasion. Everybody in the group sees all the messages so there should be no confusion.
If you see a suggestion but someone else has already accepted you can send your own suggestion. You are just organising yourselves into pairs (or two households).

It’s likely that you will meet people you have never met before but they will all be OiR members!
As long as you keep your 2m distance, this should be safe and within the guidelines.

For details of how to join or if you have any questions, phone Betty McDonald on 01292 479083 or email her on You will need your address and OiR membership number so she can check your details, for security purposes.

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