Lockdown Talks

Speakers' Organiser:           John Rattenbury
Venue:                         A computer screen near you
Time:                          Tuesday  2pm - fortnightly

“Zoom” video conferring system is used for the on-line meetings which can be joined from 1:30pm to 2pm, but no later.
No-one will be admitted after 2pm.

Microphones are muted at 2pm for the duration of the talk, which lasts from 20 to 30 minutes.

The number of participants is not limited to any one meeting, so if you would like to to be included for the Lockdown Talks please send your email address to office@oirayr.org.uk to receive the Zoom meeting information. 

Lockdown Talk Programme

9th February – Bill Rogers (and daughter) – Following in the Footsteps of the Belle Epoque followed by a film presentation.
The first presentation is a pictorial visit to Beaulieu-sur-Mer, one of the smallest villages situated in the heart of the Cote d’Azur. A favourite of Queen Victoria.
The second is a film presentation in the same area of the South of France and is accompanied with a music soundtrack made with the help of Bill’s daughter.
23rd February – Morna Mathers – The First Emperor of China.
A guide at the Burrell Collection and Kelvingrove Museum, Morna will be telling us about Qin Shi Huang Di, the first emperor of China in the 3rd century BC.
9th March – Stephen Dodd – “Days Out” with the TPG
The OiR Tuesday Photography Group met for the first time in September 2010 and since then our members have enjoyed day trips to various photogenic locations. Featuring two rather large horses and a canal with a Big Wheel, two impressive castles, a unique Monastery and a Barge, today we will return photographically to some of our “Days Out” as a reminder of places we have enjoyed and places to which we could return when life eventually returns to normal.
23rd March – John Rattenbury – A Short History of Scotch Whisky.
We all know that whisky is distilled, but John will be taking a more detailed look at the process and the history of our national drink.
6th April – Ian McAnulla – “Cartoons – Windows into History (Part 2)”
13th April – OiR A.G.M. 2021 incorporating 2020 A.G.M.
20th April – An old film: “The Fair County of Ayr” (filmed in 1949 in black and white)
4th May – Two films “Ailsa Craig and Curling Stones” in black and white, and “Knock Castle restoration” a recent film by the current owner
18th May – Denis Rattenbury – “Ayrshire and Climate, Past, Present and … ?”

If you would like to make any comments regarding the talks, please email the office office@oirayr.org.uk

Thank you so much for organising the last Zoom film (20th April). It was good to be reminded of how things used to be. My generation have seen so many changes in our lifetime, not to mention the development of the internet, a financial crash and now a pandemic! What next? Thanks again John. Best wishes. Ann

Thank you Ian for the wonderful talk he gave recently (6th April). It was such an amalgam of history, art, and political messaging. I have always loved cartoons but never realised they carried deep historical and artistic depths. I loved this talk and can only hope Ian will give us more in the future.  Many thanks to all involved, especially Ian.  Mary S

Just a thank you for talks and music. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and felt at least some normality to this peculiar life we have . Sanity has returned!!! Wish I’d had had the courage to ZOOM sooner.
Cheers: Ann J

Thanks very much to Stephen and John for a most pleasant Zoom meeting on Tuesday (9th Mar). It was lovely to be reminded of summer outings with such great photography too. I was looking forward to another presentation from Stephen and I hope it won’t be the last! Thanks again, Ann A.

Another excellent talk from Stephen (9th Mar) it was lovely seeing all the places we have been to, most of them, but that cruise looked great. I liked the way they had specially arranged the sunshine. Wendy

Thanks very much to Morna and John for the excellent talk on Tuesday (23rd Feb). I learned so much in such an interesting way. I’ve been to the Burrell several times and the talk just whetted my appetite for the re-opening. Best wishes, Ann

Thank you Bill and John for taking us to a warm and sunny south of France (9th Feb). It was great to see the splendid buildings and hear about their history. I have never been to the south of France and your talk gave me a real flavour of the area. Merci beaucoup! Ann

Thank you John for showing us that super wee film (5th Jan) about Ayrshire in the time of Burns. I really enjoyed it and it made me glad I live in 2021 with all our mod cons. I would have loved to have had that resource when I was working as it had a real flavour of that period of history.

THANK YOU so much for keeping going thro Lockdown etc. The remarkable on-line initiatives have been so reassuring, a familiar anchor in the very scarey and dark unknown. My admiration for this wonderful organisation has soared further and my gratitude.

Thoroughly enjoyed the films (17th Nov).  Nice to see everyone.  Thank you very much
John and Carole

Thank you for your email today. I watched the talk last Tuesday (3rd Nov) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I always look forward to these Tuesdays thank you for all the trouble everyone goes to so we can have something to enjoy. 
Wendy B. 

Thank you so much John for your excellent talk yesterday (3rd Nov). I have noticed that vase several times on my way into the Burrell but had no idea about its history. Next time I visit I will enjoy it even more.
Thanks again, Ann

Just to say a huge thank you for all your efforts on the Lockdown Talks at this difficult time, all much appreciated. I certainly miss every body. Hope you & your families all safe. Thanks again 
Liz Mc.C

Many thanks to the Ayrplay boys for a lovely session (Oct 27). The pieces rekindled lots of lovely memories and the interesting information about the artists and the music was the ‘icing on the cake’. 
Meg S.

Thanks so much to Ian and John for such a terrific presentation on Tuesday (Oct 20). To learn so much in such an entertaining way is a real treat. It was good too, to be reminded that a pandemic is not the worst thing that can happen to a country. 
Keep safe and thanks again, Ann

Thank you very much for organising our Zoom meeting on Tuesday. It was great to see the familiar faces and feel part of the twenty-first century. 
As always Ian’s talk and power-point presentation were excellent. In the history group he always entertains as well as educates us. 
Many, many thanks and best wishes. Ann 

Thanks to John and Bill (Rogers) for another interesting and informative Tuesday Talk.
Aurabest. Ann A

Thank you John. I have really enjoyed these meetings always interesting and varied. 
Take care Wendy

Dear John ,thank you for your continuing support “with our Zoom meeting”, I really enjoy it and look forward to it.

John. Thanks for making the talk happen, and to all in Ayrplay for the musical finale.

Absolutely excellent John. A credit to the commitment and creativity of the OIR organisation in these anxious times. In a laughter sense “there’s no fool like an old fool”. Well done Meg.
Pat (aka John)

Thanks again to Meg and John for yesterday’s Tuesday Talk which was a wee tonic and gave us lots of smiles. Keep Laughing

We wanted to send our thanks to you all for such an enjoyable concert yesterday afternoon – the songs and the presentation were excellent and must have taken a vast amount of work – it is much appreciated – looking forward to Part 2.
Kind Regards, Pat and John

Thanks again to Arnie, John, Denis and Stanley for our Tuesday treat. The music and the technology were super. It must have taken so much effort to get it all synchronized. Already looking forward to another uplifting session on the 21st!
Cheers, Ann

That was a very interesting chat given by David. I stayed  in Philadelphia with my Aunts and Uncles on my Mums’ side it is a very interesting place. Looking forward to the next episode 
Best wishes, Wendy

Thanks again to Arnie and John for such an excellent talk last Tuesday. It was so informative and interesting and must have taken a long time to research. I had a second look at the Salt Pan houses as I cycled past yesterday. Here’s to the OIR!

Thanks to Denis and John for an excellent Zoom yesterday, “History of the Pipe Organ”. It was so interesting as well as entertaining and the Rattenbury IT was super. My best church memories are of Paul the organist playing well known tunes with key changes and the stops pulled out for the last verse.  Wonderful!
Happy Playing
Ann A

Thanks Bill and John for today’s (Sep 22) Zoom which I enjoyed very much. It made me want to return to the Castle. As always I appreciated the music at the end too. Keep well,

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