Mens Mobility – Keep Fit

Group Leader:                T.B.A
Location:                    Whitletts Activity Centre
Day & Time:                  Wednesday  1.30 - 2.30 pm 

Posted 25th March 2017
Please note that this exercise group would love to recruit new members.  As with all OiR Ayr activities, you are entitled to enjoy two free sessions which should give you time to decide whether you would like to join.  If you’d like further details, please contact group leader, Matt on the number above.

Instructor: Eleanor Rafferty

Eleanor is an experienced, and well respected, professional who conducts classes throughout Ayr and Prestwick. The exercises are comprehensive and engage every group of muscles in a systematic way.  Eleanor leads and the class follows, each member trying to extend, or at least maintain, their physical capabilities.

We work our arms and legs, it is not hard to do.

Our instructor shows us all the moves:

to keep our bodies supple,
to keep your bodies trim and young.

So come along … join the class and join in the fun.

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