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OiR News 10/05/21

Lockdown Talks  – 18th May at 2pm    “Ayrshire and Climate, Past, Present and … ?”
The world is still dealing with the pandemic, but attention will turn to climate change at COP26 in Glasgow later this year. For this lockdown talk, Denis Rattenbury will focus on important current research which features Ayrshire in particular and Scotland in general. We look out to Ailsa Craig and Arran, but who would have thought that this view would be a key, perhaps, to understanding global warming?

The January Newsletter, which members loved, was a bumper edition, with many people contributing for the first time.  Could you write something for the next one?  Is there something you’d like to see included? Start thinking.

*NEW* Creative Writing Group

Calling all Creative Writers!!

The well-attended Creative Writing Group has been unable to meet since March 2020.  However, although face-to-face meetings are still not allowed, the Group could get up and running again using Zoom.  A precedent has been set with the Book Group, established in January, already using this format, holding virtual monthly meetings on Zoom.  It has proved very successful and may continue in this way, even after restrictions are lifted.

Concerned about Zoom? Assistance is available to both Group Leader and members, if required.  

As in the past, at Group meetings, topics will be suggested and members invited to write about them in whatever genre they prefer – e.g. fiction, nonfiction, poetry, autobiography.  Members will use their wealth of lifetime experiences to write creatively and will be encouraged to constructively comment on each other’s writing.

There is already interest in getting the Creative Writing Group re-established using Zoom.  All that is now needed to get the Group going is enthusiasm and a few more members.

If you would like to join – or re-join – the Creative Writing Group (remember you can get help with using Zoom if you need it) please email Hazel Sommerville hazel.sommerville@yahoo.co.uk or Jim Beck beckji@yahoo.com or phone Hazel (01292 442895).  They’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Poetry group – update
There are only a few spaces left for this new group which begins on Wednesday 12 May – THIS Wednesday – so don’t miss out.  To join, contact the office.

At the moment, the group will use Zoom to meet.  Remember, there is help available if you are uncertain about using this.  It’s really quite simple and opens doors to other activities, so worth getting to grips with.

In the future, who knows the venue?  The library, a tearoom, even a garden?

Baking group – update
This group is proving to be very popular. Tempted by the photos on the website? Fancy joining in? Just contact the office.  Currently no men have taken up the challenge …… but you never know!

Fancy a walk? – update
Created to provide a single walking companion during restrictions, this group is no longer required and ceased on 30 April.

OiR News 26/04/21

The Executive Committee thank members who attended the AGM.  OiR chairman,  Arnie,  is grateful for the support received by people renewing their membership and is looking forward to resuming our activities.

The Office Bearers and Committee members will all continue for a further year.

Lockdown Talks  – 4th May at 2pm   An afternoon at the cinema
If you love old black and white films, this week’s offering is sure to delight.  “Ailsa Craig and Curling Stones” shows activities on the Craig, including taking afternoon tea, quarrying for granite and the manufacture of curling stones.

If you wish to join the talks, just email the office on office@oirayr.org.uk.  You will then receive an email each fortnight with the Zoom link you require.

*NEW*   Newsletter team
The Executive Committee is delighted to announce that a new Newsletter team is now in place – editor, Stephen Dodd, and Isabell Rogers.

Don’t miss the next OiR News email for further details.

*NEW*   Poetry group
Maggie Roebuck, Group Leader of this new group, is offering you the chance to share your favourite poems and discover new ones.

One evening a month, initially in your own home, using Zoom, members will share words that move them in some way. Poems which inspire you, make you laugh or cry, remind you of people and places or poems on a particular topic.

Maggie has lots of ideas but would also welcome suggestions from you.  There are more details on the Poetry group’s page on the website so be sure to check it out.

If you are interested in joining the group, please email the office on office@oirayr.org.uk   But don’t delay; the group will be limited to 12 members.

Outdoor Bowling – Update
Group Leader, Robert Kerr, has been on the case, trying to get information from South Ayrshire Council regarding the opening of the Municipal Greens at Northfield, and has at last heard that they are opening on Monday 26th April.  Yes, that’s TODAY! Although not all facilities will be available, toilets will be open.   Good news!

A Risk Assessment has been done and procedures are in place to keep everyone safe. 

Here is some information for anyone thinking they may enjoy a fun game of Bowls:

  • Flat shoes without ridges are necessary for playing; 
  • If you are a beginner it is possible to borrow bowls until you see how the sport suits you ;
  • With regards to payment, normally you can Pay as You Go (around £5 for two hours) or you can buy a season ticket, which Robert would recommend.

However, this season South Ayrshire Council is waiving payment and you can enjoy free games!  Now that really is ‘good news’!

This definitely sounds like the year to try it out!  If you are interested in joining this group, contact Robert for more details on 01292 440093 or check the Outdoor Bowling Group page on the OiR website.

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