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Oir News 15/02/21

Subscriptions – 2021

We are pleased to report that members continue to renew their memberships.  Thank you all for your continued support.

Emails have been sent to most members with payment options.  If you have not received the email, which contains your details and information on how to pay, or if you have any questions, please email the office.

Lockdown Talks  – 23rd February at 2pm – The First Emperor of China.
Our guest speaker for this talk is Morna Mathers, a guide at the Burrell Collection and Kelvingrove Museum.  Morna will be telling us about Qin Shi Huang Di, the first emperor of China in the 3rd century BC who’s tomb contains the Terracotta Warriors.

History Group – update

With an average attendance of 65, this is one of the largest groups in the OiR.  It meets in Ayr Free Church Hall every other Wednesday from 10am to 12noon, including  the vital coffee break.  Although almost at capacity, members are reluctant to look for alternative premises as they like the atmosphere.  And, of course, being in the town centre and having parking close by in TK Maxx, make it easily accessible.

The group has gone from strength to strength under the guiding hand of its leader, David Bowman.  He has a small committee, which makes up the programme.  Speakers include both members and guest speakers.  The programme, which, under normal circumstances, is advertised on the group’s web page, is arranged months in advance so it is likely that David and his team are already thinking of topics for when they restart.

In addition to the fortnightly meetings, trips are organised to places near and far, e.g. Stirling Castle, Caerlaverock Castle, the underground museum at Glasgow central station.

Because of their common interests, members also arrange “side-shoot” meetings e.g. to events at the Irvine Harbour Arts Centre.  All in all, it’s a very sociable group.

One of the group’s regular members is Jim Walsham. He says “I love the History group and, needless to say, I am desperately keen for the meetings to resume.”

If you feel like Jim, what can you do, at the moment? Join in with the Lockdown talks or have a browse through the non-fiction books in the Lending Library.

Usually some of the Town Hall talks are of particular interest to History group members and that has continued with the Lockdown Talks.  You just need to look at next week’s topic – the first emperor of China!  Contact the office to join the fortnightly Zoom meeting.

Alternatively, check out the list of non-fiction books on the Lending Library page on the website.  There is a good selection on a range of historical topics.  Once you’ve read your book, you could always phone another member of the History group to discuss your thoughts!

Oir News 01/02/21

Subscriptions – 2021
Many thanks to the hundreds of members who have shown their appreciation of the OiR, by renewing their memberships already.
Emails have been sent to most members with payment options.  If you have not received the email, which contains your details and information on how to pay, or if you have any questions, please email the office.

The Winter Newsletter is available on our website.  Paper copies have been distributed to members who do not have access to the internet.

Newsletter distributors
While everyone is staying at home, it was agreed, to keep distributors safe, not to ask for their help to deliver the Winter newsletter.  If you usually deliver, your help will be gratefully received, when things return to “normal”.

Tuesday Photography Group – TPG – update
To maintain regular contact with the group, the membership has been divided equally between each of the group committee members for monthly contact via email to check on health and seek any comments which folk may wish to pass on.  This has been useful for keeping in touch and for gaining member feedback.

Regulations to control the Covid pandemic have meant a restart of the TPG in a new format.  Instead of presentations, speakers and visits as the mainstay of our structured programme we now have weekly and monthly photographic themes in an electronic format. Considerable effort is put into choosing themes which are open to interpretation to ensure that they are a challenge for all the members and for their cameras. 

Looking forward, the TPG committee is anxious to improve cohesiveness in the group so Zoom is currently being used to permit something close to a regular group meeting with some technical and social exchanges. The next few months are expected to be challenging but also as presenting opportunities to extend the photographic skills of all our TPG members.  Anyone with a digital camera who wishes to join the group to tackle some of these challenges will be welcomed and should contact Cyril Fox (Group Leader) by e-mail for more information.

TPG on the OiR website
The group is currently selecting a few photos, from the hundreds taken during lockdown, to put on its web page.  If you enjoy looking at their creative images, let the group know, by emailing the office.

Baking Group – update
Photos of the group’s first recipe can be seen on their page on the OiR website.  Have a look!  Seeing these delicious flapjacks might persuade you to join.

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