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OiR News 2nd Aug 2021

A message from the OiR Executive Committee
When OiR’s indoor groups hopefully resume meeting again in September, the Committee hopes that all members attending these meetings will, where possible, be fully vaccinated against the Covid virus.
Your committee would like to think, that in this respect, members would not only be considering their own wellbeing, but also that of all others attending these meetings.

Men’s Keep-Fit Group
It used to be a saying —- “If you want to get ahead —– get a hat!”. So, gentlemen of OiR! ——- If you want to get fit —– join OiR’s Men’s Keep-Fit Group. More names are required before this group can be up and running.

OiR Outlook
OiR’s newsletter will be replaced soon by a new magazine. The first edition, with the name ‘OiR Outlook’, will be ready to be distributed and will appear on the OiR Website in mid to late August.

Indoor group starting dates (fingers crossed!)
Speakers Group – Ayr Town Hall — Tuesday afternoon meeting 2pm – Tuesday, 7th September

OiR Folk Group – Prestwick Community Centre 2pm – Tuesday, 14th September

OiR History Group – Ayr Free Church 10am – Wednesday, 15th September

Lending Library
Because local libraries are now being opened, Betty McDonald will no longer maintain her “Lending Library”.
The “Jigsaw Library” can still be accessed on the web page. Jigsaws are available for collection, but please phone  01292 479083 before collecting.

Lockdown Talk
10th August, 2pm – Ian McAnulla will be giving another of his excellent presentations on “Cartoons – Windows into History, part 4”

OiR News 19th July 2021

Men’s Keep-fit Group
A new group has been suggested which will begin when ‘life opens up’ again, possibly in September.

Tara Jackson will be the instructor. Tara has, for some time, in the instructor of OiR’s Golden Girls, and is known to many OiR members.

If interested in joining this group, please email the office.

OiR Baking Group
Since being established in January 2021, the OiR’s baking group has gone from strength to strength. There are currently 19 members, most of whom are actively baking on a regular basis.

Members receive a new recipe by email every fortnight. They are then invited to bake the recipe, sample it, and email their feedback plus a photograph around the group. Members have keenly welcomed this new group, which has provided a valuable link to other like-minded people during the constraints of lockdown.

The baking group is open to all OIR members, whether you are male or female, a novice baker, or an experienced chef, you would be very welcome.

Please contact the OIR office for joining details telephone 01292 260816 or email the office.
Hazel Somerville.

Dark Sky Observatory
OiR members were saddened to learn of the fire which destroyed the Dark Sky Observatory at Dalmellington. A letter expressing OiR Ayr’s sympathy has been sent to Mark Gibson whose dream brought it about in 2012.
Mark is one of OiR’s patrons and has been very supportive of our organisation.
Amy Kinnaird

Lockdown Talks – Tuesday 27 July at 2:00pm
The next lockdown talk, presented by Ayrplay, is “Instruments of Pop”. Each member of the band will be introducing their instrument followed by a music video in which that instrument is played.

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