Speakers Group

Speakers' Organiser:      T.B.A.
Venue:                    Ayr Town Hall (unless otherwise stated)
Date and Time:            Tuesday  1.30 pm - fortnightly

OiR Town Hall Meetings – Currently on hold

Meetings are normally held, fortnightly, in the Main Hall at Ayr Town Hall at 1.30pm on the dates listed, but may occasionally be held in Newton Wallacetown Church if the Town Hall is not available to us.

Fortnightly Meetings, to which all members are invited.

John Rattenbury is currently contacting members who would be interested in holding a “Zoom” meeting which will allow members to have fortnightly sessions with a speaker giving a PowerPoint presentation. The first such meeting is scheduled for 21st April 2020 when the speaker will be Denis Rattenbury, and the topic “Funny Money”. If you do not hear directly, by e-mail from John, you can ask to be put in touch with him so that you receive the link to join the talk.

These are currently our “Lockdown Talks” which will be ongoing until this pandemic allows us to meet again. Please visit the Lockdown Talks page for more information.

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