Wine Tasting

Group Leader:       Betty McDonald     01292 479083
Venue:              Various locations within central Ayr, including the OiR office
Time:               Starting at 6.30pm

Do you know your Pinot Noir from your Pinot Grigio?  Are you a real wine buff or just someone who enjoys a glass of chilled white at the end of a long day?  Whoever you are you probably enjoy tasting new wines.  

Each session will give you the opportunity to taste at least eight different wines, with finger food to match each wine.  These masterclasses are led by volunteers from within the group and take place four or five times during the year. They are both a learning experience and a chance to make new friends.

Spaces are limited so, if you don’t want to miss out, please telephone Betty McDonald on 01292 479083 and register your interest.

Some of the people who attended our recent wine tasting evenings were interested in the non-wine drinks so here is the information.  All have a glorious red colour, especially apt for this time of year. 

Sloe gin and sloe vodka
These are easily made – but you obviously need sloes!  They are available in the autumn, so it was suggested that we might arrange a sloe-picking outing (followed by a sloe gin/vodka tasting) for 2021. 

40ml citron vodka          Juice of half a lime15ml Cointreau              50ml cranberry juice
Put all in a cocktail shaker with ice and give it a good shake.  Strain into glass
Citron vodka can be easily made by zesting an UNWAXED lemon and adding the zest to a bottle of vodka.

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